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The Stillbirth CRE has led the development of a bundle of care to address the priority evidence practice gaps in stillbirth prevention for implementation across maternity services. This work is being done in partnership with health departments of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland and key stillbirth advocacy organisations, Stillbirth Foundation Australia and Still Aware.

The Safer Baby Bundle for Australian maternity healthcare professionals is a collection of change ideas or interventions designed to reduce late pregnancy stillbirth. The interventions are based on evidence summaries developed in partnership with the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ). Development of the SBB has drawn from the expertise and experience of international advisors from the UK Saving Babies Lives Bundle of care.

A 20% reduction in stillbirth rates has been seen in the UK and Scotland, where a care bundle has been implemented. We believe that implementation of the Safer Baby Bundle in Australia will result in at least the same reduction in stillbirth. We think the bundle will also reduce serious adverse outcomes in live-born babies, improve health outcomes among mothers, increase mothers' satisfaction with care, and be cost-effective.


A Safer Baby Bundle Handbook and Resource Guide has been created as an informational support to assist maternity healthcare professionals with implementation of the Bundle. Free and accredited CPD training for healthcare professionals is available from our e-learning modules.


The Safer Baby Bundle consists of 5 elements designed to reduce stillbirth rates after 28 weeks' gestation.


Element 1: Supporting women to stop smoking during pregnancy

Element 1: Supporting women to stop smoking during pregnancy


Element 2: Improving detection and management of fetal growth restriction

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Element 3: Raising awareness and improving care for women with decreased fetal movements

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Element 4: Improving awareness of maternal safe going-to-sleep position in late pregnancy 

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Element 5: Improving decision-making about the timing of birth for women with risk factors for stillbirth

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Resources for women: 


 Resources for health professionals: 

The Safer Baby Bundle evidence-based eLearning module provides a suite of educational resources based on the latest clinical best practice in stillbirth prevention

FREE educational training ✔ Accredited CPD points ✔ Downloadable resources to share with women