About Us

The Centre of Research Excellence in Stillbirth (Stillbirth CRE) has been established to address the tragedy of stillbirth in Australia through a cohesive national program of research and implementation.

The Centre of Research Excellence in Stillbirth (Stillbirth CRE) brings together parents, parent advocates, health care professionals, researchers, professional colleges, and policy makers, to reduce stillbirths and improve the quality care for women and families after stillbirth. The Stillbirth CRE program focuses on research that translates into improved maternity care and better health outcomes for women and their babies.

We are an Australia-wide initiative, our host institution being Mater Research Institute, within The University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine. Our research program is funded by the National Heath and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia.

We are grateful to the Mater Foundation for its support of the Stillbirth CRE through funding and infrastructure costs.

Mater Foundation

The Stillbirth CRE has grown from the work of the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ), and we maintain a strong partnership with this bi-national society. We wish to acknowledge PSANZ for its achievements in improving maternity care through policy development and education through the PSANZ Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Alliance (SANDA). These achievements played a major role in the development of the Stillbirth CRE.

We also acknowledge Stillbirth Foundation Australia for its long-standing support of Mater's stillbirth research program, and partnership in the successful request for funding awarded by the NHMRC.

The Stillbirth CRE recognises that:

  • stillbirth has enormous economic and psychosocial impacts for women, parents, families, communities, and health systems
  • there has been little reduction in stillbirth rates for over 20 years
  • women from disadvantaged backgrounds have a greater risk of stillbirth than the average population
  • families whose child is stillbirth often receive suboptimal care

As a regional office of the International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA), the Stillbirth CRE will promote and facilitate partnerships to enhance the work of the CRE and to ensure our work in Australia contributes to the global call to action for stillbirths and also newborn health as outlined Every Newborn Action Plan. The CRE will also work towards building a strong health and medical workforce to ensure sustained improvement in care and outcomes for future families.