Our Vision

Our vision is that stillbirth rates will be reduced to at least equal the best performing country globally and that supportive, respectful care will be provided to all families who experience the tragedy of stillbirth.

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To create strong partnerships for high-quality research and increased public awareness around stillbirth, that translates into better care and outcomes for women and families. 

Our ethos and values

  • Woman and family centred; the health and wellbeing of families is kept at the centre of all we do through listening to and engaging with parents from the beginning of all projects within the CRE program.
  • Sharing and learning; recognising the role of innovation and learning from experience, we believe sharing of information and understanding should be automatic.
  • Fairness and equality; everyone has something to give and should be given a fair chance to reach their potential. The most excluded should be supported to contribute in a meaningful way.
  • Building trust; people succeed where they work together for a common good.  Trusting one another to act with integrity and commitment demands compassion, honesty, transparency and respect.