Priority Area Two

Developing novel approaches to identify women at increased risk.

Priority Area Two leads: Professor Euan Wallace, Professor Vicki Clifton

Novel tests to improve antenatal detection of women at increased risk of stillbirth and other adverse newborn outcome are needed. A national collaboration is being established to identify novel placental biomarkers for pre-clinical testing. An initial one-day workshop held in Brisbane in July 2017 confirmed support for this national project and a second workshop in December 2017 has taken forward this collaboration.

  • Identifying novel placental biomarkers

    Leads: Professor Vicki Clifton; Professor Euan Wallace

    This is a national consortium of placental biologists and clinicians working on placental mechanisms and circulating biomarkers that may be early indicators of pregnancies at risk of a stillbirth.

  • Evaluating prediction strategies for adverse outcomes at term

    Lead: Professor Sailesh Kumar

    This study aims to evaluate strategies for detecting mothers and babies at an increased-risk of late-pregnancy stillbirth and other adverse pregnancy outcomes. Specific aims include:

    • Improving understanding and prediction of decreased fetal movements
    • Assessing the role of routine third-trimester ultrasound scanning in reducing adverse outcomes
    • Examining the role of PlGF (placental growth factor) in identifying women at-risk
    • Assessing barriers to morphology scanning