Lancet series

“Ending Preventable Stillbirths” - A series in The Lancet aiming to accelerate global action to end preventable stillbirths

A Global Call To Action

More than 2.6 million stillbirths continue to occur globally every year. Half of all stillbirths occur during labour and birth. Yet most of these 1.3 million deaths could be prevented with improved quality of care.

The Lancet series on Ending Preventable Stillbirths was published in January 2016 and aims to maintain momentum and build on strategies to prevent stillbirths and provide better care to women and families following stillbirth.

Many Stillbirth CRE investigators and collaborators played a major role in developing and disseminating this series, including our Director Vicki Flenady, who led the fourth paper in the series, titled "Stillbirths: Recall to action in high-income countries".

  • Executive summary:

For a comprehensive summary of the series, click here.

  • Lay summaries for parents, families, and the general community:

Our collaborator, The International Stillbirth Alliance, has developed a suite of plain language summaries of the series.  For the English language summary, click here. For various foreign language summaries, visit the ISA website here.

  • Full papers and comments:

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