Key Publications

Key publications from the Stillbirth CRE and collaborators

"Ending Preventable Stillbirths” - A global series by The Lancet

Lancet Exec SumFollowing the successful launch of The Lancet Stillbirths Series in April 2011, The Lancet launched a follow-on series entitled “Ending Preventable Stillbirths” in January 2016.

The series aims to maintain momentum and build on strategies to prevent stillbirths and provide better care to women and families following stillbirth.

The Stillbirth CRE research program is built on the key messages of this series.

Many Stillbirth CRE investigators and collaborators played a major role in developing and disseminating this series, including our Director Vicki Flenady, who led the fourth paper in the series, titled "Stillbirths: Recall to action in high-income countries".

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"Stillbirths" - A themed issue by BJOG

BJOG StillBirthOUTNOWThe British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BJOG) has released a themed issue on stillbirths.

The series has been put together by care providers, academics, and parents from across the world.

The Stillbirth CRE and its investigators are delighted to have contributed numerous original research articles and systematic reviews to this series, which was published in December 2016.

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