PhD Projects

The Stillbirth CRE aims to attract and train doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to create the next generation of highly skilled clinical researchers in stillbirth.

In line with the Stillbirth CRE's core values into all aspects of research:

  • Students are encouraged to attend national and international conferences.
  • Students are expected to acknowledge the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Stillbirth on all publications, technical papers and media, contribute to at least one Stillbirth CRE- sub-committee and attend the annual Perinatal Society Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ) Conference and/or Stillbirth CRE symposium to present research findings.

General PhD Project Opportunities

A number of opportunities are available to students who are seeking projects. The Stillbirth CRE can help with completing applications for funding and with helping to shape a project to maximise funding opportunities.

Topics include:

  • Reducing smoking in pregnancy; antenatal booking, and throughout pregnancy for smokers
  • Risk assessment and surveillance for fetal growth restriction
  • Improving detection and management of women with decreased fetal movements
  • Individual patient data (IPD) meta-analysis of fetal movement awareness campaigns
  • Increasing maternal safe sleep position practices
  • Effective fetal monitoring during labour
  • Identifying causes and contributing factors; Investigation, clinical audit and classification
  • Respectful and supportive perinatal bereavement care
  • Care for parents in subsequent pregnancies after stillbirth
  • Classification systems for stillbirths and neonatal deaths; reaching international consensus for data rich settings
  • Trends in maternal and pregnancy risk factors in Australia
  • Development of a screening test for stillbirth and adverse perinatal outcomes at term
  • Defining placental mechanisms that influence the risk of stillbirth to develop novel clinically viable biomarkers

Please contact us for further information about these projects.