Research Capacity Development Workforce ('The Workforce')

Building a research legacy

The aim of the Stillbirth CRE Research Capacity Development Workforce ('The Workforce') is to provide opportunities to advance training of new researchers (research only, clinicians, midwives etc), to ensure the CRE legacy is carried on beyond the duration of the funded program.

The Workforce agenda is driven by a committee of CRE investigators and ECRs.

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Initiatives of The Workforce include:

Future Research Leaders

Central to our strategy for building a new generation of stillbirth researchers is the Research Leadership Program for early career researchers (ECRs).


PhD Projects

The Stillbirth CRE aims to attract and train doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to create the next generation of highly skilled clinical researchers in stillbirth.


Awards and scholarships

A number of opportunities for funding and support are offered annually by the Stillbirth CRE and its Collaborators. 



For upcoming events and opportunities, see our Events page.