Women’s Healthcare Australasia (WHA) - CRE partner

Women’s Healthcare Australasia (WHA) is a national non-profit community of hospitals providing maternity care to women and newborns.

Around 100 maternity services participate in WHA, including all of the dedicated Women’s Hospital, and a majority of metropolitan and regional services.  There is also growing participation from small rural maternity units. Together, WHA members care for more than 60% of public births each year in Australia. 

Our mission is to support excellence in healthcare for women and newborns. We facilitate networking, and sharing of performance data, experiences and innovations among member hospitals, to support their ongoing efforts to improve healthcare for women and their families. 

WHA facilitates networking among staff of member hospitals through 12 separate Special Interest Groups, as well as in face-to-face and online forums. These Interest Groups draw people together with a common interest, such as Midwifery Group Practice or Maternal Fetal Medicine, to share common challenges and strategies for overcoming them. 

WHA’s benchmarking program provides participating hospitals with annual data about both their clinical and business performance in relation to peers of similar size and capability.  The clinical data helps hospitals to identify how their labour and birth and early newborn care compares with peers, as well as trends in up to 30 different indicators, such as rates of induction, rates of caesarean section, rates of postpartum haemorrhage and rates of stillbirth. 

WHA also advocates on behalf of the maternity services sector to relevant government agencies, ensuring our members’ expertise and views are considered in national policy-making arenas. 

WHA is proud to be a partner to the Centre of Research Excellence in Stillbirth. Our members are highly motivated to provide the best possible care to women to minimise the risk of stillbirth, and to respond in the best possible way to support women and their families when it occurs. WHA is committed to working closely with the CRE to facilitate translation of the CRE’s research into clinical practice across Australia. 


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