Australian College Of Midwives (ACM) - CRE Partner

ACM is an organisation for the midwifery profession. It is a national, not-for-profit organisation that serves as the peak professional body for midwives in Australia. ACM provides a unified voice, supports midwives to reach their full potential, and sets professional practice and education standards.

ACM is committed to being the leading organisation shaping Australian maternity care, to ensure the best possible maternity outcomes for all Australian women. It is guided by research evidence that pregnant women and mothers benefit from having access to midwifery care throughout their childbearing experience.

ACM's work is guided by the following:

Ethical practice

  • Applying evidence to everything we do
  • Following our code of ethics, conduct, practice and standards


  • Working cooperatively with external groups and respecting their role and interaction
  • Listening, hearing, discussing and passing the agreed message on
  • Protecting those who are not present and talking to the source

Trusting and respectful relationships

  • Treating each other as we would wish to be treated

Respect diversity

  • Respecting a person’s right to have a different opinion


  • Be open to new ideas and understand that there is always another way and that anything is possible
  • Striving for continuous improvement

In addition, The ACM:

  • supports and promotes midwives and the midwifery profession across all areas of practice and regulation.
  • represents the midwifery profession at all levels of government and industry by fostering relationships, attending meetings, undertaking presentations and writing submissions.
  • sets or influences standards in regards to maternity practice with its guidelines, standards and position statements.
  • provides continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities to midwives through educational events, webinars, online courses, workshops, conferences, seminars, focus groups, research opportunities and our printed and electronic communications.
  • leads the way in Australia for Midwifery related research publication with the Women and Birth journal, published by Elsevier.  ACM also provides updates to current midwifery issues at a local level via its member magazine Australian Midwifery News and our quarterly electronic Branch Matters.
  • disseminates a range of CPD opportunities to midwives through its CPD Recognition program, thus enabling midwives to have confidence that the CPD they are accessing is of relevance to their midwifery practice.
  • facilitates midwives to network with their peers through events and conferences.

The ACM is committed to working in partnership with the Stillbirth CRE and will utilise all of its communications resources to disseminate information or requests for assistance. The ACM will also participate in areas of work programs or projects through the provision of expert volunteers from amongst our membership.

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