Partners and Collaborators

A partner organisation of the Stillbirth CRE, is one that is actively engaged in the development and/or conduct of Stillbirth CRE endorsed initiatives through in-kind or financial support which is cortical to meeting our goals.

Stillbirth CRE partners can expect to:

  • Be represented on the CRE steering committee
  • Participate in the CRE program priority setting
  • Be acknowledgement as a partner on the CRE website and all promotional materials

Expectations of Stillbirth CRE collaborators:

  • Commit to the guiding principles of the CRE
  • Commit to contributing to CRE priorities as part of annual work program
  • As a member of CRE committees, to contribute to the committee activity including attending at least 60% of meetings
  • Adhere to all CRE policies and procedures

Our academic partners

If your organisation would like to become a Stillbirth CRE partner or collaborator please review our Shared Understanding for Collaboration and contact us.

Our Partners

  • Australian College of Midwives
  • Womens Healthcare Australia
  • The University of Queensland
  • Mater Research
  • Stillbirth Foundation
  • Griffith University
  • Monash University
  • The University of Sydney
  • La Trobe University
  • Still Aware
  • Bears of Hope
  • stillaware logo
  • red nose

Our Collaborators

  • International Stillbirth Alliance