Education Committee

  • Ms Megan Weller

    Ms Megan Weller

    Research Midwife


    Megan Weller completed both her Bachelor of Nursing and Graduate Diploma of Midwifery at ACU. Megan’s clinical background includes oncology nursing and practicing as a midwife in continuity of care models. Megan has recently joined the Centre of Research Excellence - Stillbirth team as a Research Midwife. Megan is very passionate about providing quality, holistic and woman-centred care for all women and their families.

  • Professor Vicki Flenady

    Professor Vicki Flenady

    Director; Co-lead Risk Factors; Co-lead Implementation

    Professor Vicki Flenady leads the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Centre of Research Excellence which aims to reduce stillbirths and improve care for families when a child is stillborn through high quality research and raising community awareness.  Vicki was lead author on The Lancet’s stillbirth series in 2011 and 2016. Vicki’s research currently focused on stillbirth prevention through better understanding of causal pathways and risk factors and is currently leading a large-scale trial on a mobile phone app for women on fetal movements to reduce stillbirth rates. With a clinical background in midwifery and neonatal nursing and masters and PhD in perinatal epidemiology in stillbirth prevention, Vicki has a keen interest in addressing evidence practice gaps in maternity care. Vicki is an active member of the International Stillbirth Alliance. 

  • Associate Professor Philippa Middleton

    Associate Professor Philippa Middleton

    Co-lead Implementation

    Philippa Middleton is a Principal Research Fellow in the Healthy Mothers, Babies and Children Theme of the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and an Affiliate Associate Professor, School of Medicine, The University of Adelaide.  As a perinatal epidemiologist and implementation scientist, she specialises in randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, research synthesis, guidelines, research reporting standards and translating research evidence into policy and practice. Her areas of expertise include preterm birth, nutrition, diabetes, stillbirth and health disparities, and she has a particular interest in Indigenous health.

  • Dr Adrienne Gordon

    Dr Adrienne Gordon

    Co-lead Risk Factors; Lead Public Awareness


    Doctor Adrienne Gordon is known nationally, and emerging internationally, as a clinician and academic establishing a strong research career in the area of stillbirth and adverse perinatal outcomes. Currently a Neonatologist in the RPA centre for newborn care, Dr Gordon is also an NHMRC Early Career Fellow at the University of Sydney. Having completed a PhD on risk factors for stillbirth, her current ECR Fellowship aims to develop and pilot test a culturally appropriate information resource for pregnant women targeting health behaviours that can optimise pregnancy outcome.

  • Professor David Ellwood

    Professor David Ellwood

    Co-director; Co-lead Risk Factors

    David Ellwood joined Griffith University in early 2013 to take up a joint appointment as Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Director of Maternal-Fetal medicine at Gold Coast Health. Prior to this he was Deputy Dean at the Australian National University Medical School in Canberra. He has held various roles within the School of Medicine including Academic Lead for Selections, and has been the School’s Equity & Diversity champion. Since 2015 he has been Deputy Head of School (Research) and in August of this year was appointed to the position of Dean, and Head of School of Medicine. He remains clinically active working as a sub-specialist in maternal-fetal medicine and has long-standing research interests in a range of adverse of outcomes of pregnancy.

    He is the Co-Director of the Stillbirth CRE and has published extensively in this area. He is also the Chair of the Queensland Maternal & Perinatal Quality Council which is responsible for monitoring pregnancy outcomes across the State. In addition to his local and State roles, he has an important national role in the standards of medical education as the immediate past-Chair of the Medical School’s Accreditation Committee of the Australian Medical Council (AMC), and is currently the President of the AMC.


  • Ms Deanna Stuart-Butler

    Ms Deanna Stuart-Butler

    Indigenous Research Officer

    Deanna Stuart-Butler is a descendant of the Arabana people of the ‘Pantu Parnda’ (Lake Eyre) Region of South Australia. She leads the Indigenous work of the NHMRC Stillbirth CRE and associated programs such as the Safer Baby Bundle, chairs the Stillbirth Indigenous Advisory Group and is a member of a number of other stillbirth committees to increase awareness and broaden knowledge of Aboriginal culture, priorities, and needs.  She shares her knowledge on how to encourage Indigenous women to seek and participate in antenatal care, and how to incorporate Aboriginal culture into health service delivery, associated with connection to land, health and wellbeing, life and sorry business. She is leading and co-leading several MRFF and CRE-funded research projects investigating voices of Indigenous families relating to stillbirth, stillbirth research priorities for Indigenous women and extensive adaptation of Stillbirth CRE masterclasses for Indigenous healthcare personnel. She is a founding member of the Aboriginal Community and Families Research Alliance, a group instigated by SAHMRI Women and Kids to translate community priorities into research and to integrate research and policy. She was the first graduate of the SA Aboriginal Maternal Infant Care qualification in 2010, going on to become the manager of the Aboriginal Family Birthing Program at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. She is particularly passionate about translating research into operational practices within mainstream maternity models to ensure better health and wellbeing for Indigenous babies, women, and their families.

  • Dr Glenn Gardener

    Dr Glenn Gardener

    Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist

    Dr Glenn Gardener is a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist and Director of the Mater Centre for Maternal Fetal Medicine at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals.

    Dr Gardener has a long held interest in fetal therapy including in-utero surgery and is currently the only specialist in Australia and New Zealand performing fetal surgery for diaphragmatic hernia and spina bifida. He regularly performs surgery for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, in-utero blood transfusions and other complex in-utero procedures.

    With a particular interest in the prevention of stillbirth, Dr Gardener is involved in research and is a current board member for the International Stillbirth Alliance and leads a Fetal Therapy Special Interest Group through the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ).

    Dr Gardener is actively involved in teaching obstetric ultrasound and passing on his skills to new doctors.

  • A/Prof Jane Warland

    A/Prof Jane Warland

    Stillbirth researcher and midwife

    Associate Professor Jane Warland is a passionate researcher in the area of preventative and modifiable risk factors for stillbirth. Her program of research is STELLAR (stillbirth, teaching, epidemiology, loss, learning, awareness and risks). Since becoming an academic in 2008 she has won more than ¼ million (AUD) in research funding, has more than 80 publications (books, chapters, journal articles) and she has presented her research at more than 40 conferences both national (Australian) and international.

  • Ms Leigh Brezler

    Ms Leigh Brezler

    CEO Stillbirth Foundation Australia

    Leigh joined the Stillbirth Foundation Australia as CEO in September 2019. She has built her career as a senior business development leader in the arts, culture, sport and finance sectors in Australia and the USA, during which she has demonstrate strong advocacy, partnership and stakeholder management skills.

    Leigh took up the position at an important time for the Foundation. Following the Senate Inquiry, the tragedy of stillbirth has been rightly on the national agenda and has bipartisan support. Leigh focuses on raising awareness and funds to promote continued research and education as well working with key stakeholders to ensure that parents’ voices are listened to and acted upon.

  • Ms Jackie Mead

    Ms Jackie Mead

    CEO, Sands

  • Ms Keren Ludski

    Ms Keren Ludski

    CEO, Red Nose